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Kennedy joined the cast of Sun Country as a background singer in the summer of 1982. Vicki Moss and Susan Gilmour were the original bg's but Vicki was Wayne Gretzky's girlfriend at the time, and with his career in orbit in those days, if she didn't have the freedom and flexibility to travel with him, she would have never seen him. So she quit and Fred Voss, the producer, hired Kennedy.

Ian Tyson and Dick Caldwell hosted this television show which featured performances from local and international artists. Kennedy had the good fortune of working with Emmy Lou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, Gayle Davies, Chris Hillman, John Conlee, kd lang, Mason Williams, Sylvia Tyson, Kelita Haverland and the list goes on and on. The music was taped in advance at Beta Sound Recorders, and the show was video taped in Sunwapta Studios at the CFRN television station in Edmonton on Monday nights.

Over the years the cast morphed and changed a bit, but as memory serves it included Stu Mitchell, Adrian Chornwall, Fred LaRose, George Blondheim, Gary Koliger, Myron Shotz, Richard Cherniski, Louis Sedmak, Gaye Delorme, Stan Stewart, John Lacey, Mavis McCauley, and Susan Gilmour.
Sun Country: Kennedy Jenson, Ian Tyson, Susan Gilmour

Sun Country: Susan Gilmour, Emmy-Lou Harris, Kennedy Jenson 
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