In the winter of 1994/95 Kennedy recorded and released her first jazz CD. Recorded at Damon Soundtrek Studios, engineered by Garry McDonall and produced by Tommy Banks, this musical journey was a return to her roots. 'Renaissance' is compiled of 21 smooth jazz and jazz standards that did surprisingly well on the national radio scene. Sales and live performances actually earned Kennedy enough revenue to 'break even' on her debut of being an indie artist.

She followed up by releasing '
Affairs of the Heart' in 1997. That disc won her an ARIA award for Jazz Recording Artist of the Year. As well, McDonall took home Best Engineer award. Kennedy loves this milieu and continues to perform.
Kennedy Jenson: Renaissance
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1997 Midnight Affairs

1995 Renaissance
1997 Affairs of the Heart

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Kennedy Jenson: Affairs of the Heart
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