Kennedy Jenson grew up on a farm in a southwestern corner of Alberta, two miles west of Spring Coulee. Her parents were both musically talented and passed that trait onto their kids. Kennedy's first musical influences were from the big band era. Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Peggy Lee were among the artists whose LPs were in the Jenson living room. Fast forward to her teen age years where her steady musical diet was comprised of Dionne Warwick, Barbra Streisand, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zepplin, and the Eagles.

Kennedy took piano lessons from the age of 5 until 16. She also played flute during her junior and senior high school years.

Upon graduating from the Magrath Senior High School, Kennedy enrolled in the Music Program in Edmonton at Grant MacEwan Community College. She studied flute as well as theory.

She met a singer at College named Gail Zazula and once they graduated, formed a duo called
Athena. Kennedy played Rhodes piano and Gail sang. It was mandatory that they used a beat box. A second hand Rhythm Ace bought from Lilo's Music made their lives hell when it would unexpectedly play a beguine when it was SET for a samba. It wasn't a comedy act they were trying to create.

In the fall of 1976 Kennedy's brother Doug asked her to join a new project he was putting together. This became the band,
Valhalla, with Doug Jenson on guitar and vocals, Charlotte Wiebe on piano and vocals, Lyle McLennan on bass, John Fynn on drums, and Kennedy playing keyboards, flute and vocals. Valhalla was a 'musician's band' that played about 70% original music and the other 30% were obscure covers of current popular artists.

In the spring of 1977 a law was passed in Alberta that the huge taverns be cut down in size and that a dance floor be built in each of these new types of bars. Valhalla played dance songs but they were original ones that "weren't on the radio". So the band mainly played to an empty dance floor. Getting fired a lot, Valhalla finally threw in the towel and decided to get day jobs while they formed another band. This time, they presented 80% top 40 and 20% (if that) original material. The band was called
Dickens. (always hated that name). Albert Blain took the place of Lyle on bass. The band became very popular, very quickly. Bars, cabarets, high school dances and outdoor concerts; they were constantly working. One year the band played the annual CHED Bicycle Picnic at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton. 36,000 people were on the hill that day.

Always busy and becoming more and more popular, Dickins started to insert more original material into their sets and by the end of 1978 they had a new manager who was "going to take us to the top".. Through the next few months, Ross McKenzie from Studio City Musical found an investor, we changed our name to
Jenson Interceptor and went into Sundown Studios in Edmonton to record our first album on the House of Lords label. It was released in the spring of 1980 at Gary Taylor's Rock Club in Vancouver.

One of Charlotte's songs,
Tiny Thing, did very well on the radio and pretty much became the song Jenson Interceptor was known for. We enjoyed airplay with a lot of our songs and toured across the country again and again.
Jenson Interceptor

Kennedy Jenson

Kennedy Jenson

Kennedy Jenson

Jenson Interceptor

Kennedy Jenson, Jenson Interceptor

  Kennedy Jenson, Jenson Interceptor CD Cover Kennedy Jenson: Tiny Thing Single

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Jenson Interceptor Discography:
1979 Crazy Monkey/Tiny Thing [House Of Lords] HOL-2002
1980 Heavenly Angels/Blue Boy [House Of Lords] HOL-2003
1981 Fine Man/Cats In The Window [House Of Lords] HOL-2006
1981 Do You Want Your Love To Be/ [House Of Lords]
1983 Pull Me/Overture (RCA, with Ed Johnson) PB-50736

1980 Jenson Interceptor [House Of Lords] HLR-10002
1983 Pull Me [4 song EP, with Ed Johnson]
1983 Cosmetics [RCA, with Ed Johnson]

Jenson Interceptor: Tiny Things

Jenson Interceptor: Tiny Thing Jenson Interceptor


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